2013 Attended Events

SARMAC Conference X, 2013, Rotterdam, NL.

         ·    Presentation: “Relating Deception Skills To Executive Functioning In Young Children: A Preliminary Study Using The Concealed Information Test”

         ·    Presentation: “Executive functions involved in deception: An individual differences perspective”

Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling using Mplus, Utrecht University, NL.

           ·    Ovidiu Jurje and Armand Rotaru

European Asociation of Psychology and Law Conference 2013, Coventry University, UK.

           ·    Laura Visu-Petra, Oana Ciornei, Cristina Fizeșan & Ovidiu Jurje

               Poster: “Can you keep a secret?  A preliminary study introducing the RT-based concealed information test to young children”

             ·   Monica Buta, Andreea Maria Nariţa, Oana Maria Rognean & Laura Visu-Petra

               Poster: "Children's Attitudes Towards Lying: Do Individual Differences In Social Desirability And Anxiety Make A Difference?”

2nd World Conference on Psychology and Sociology, 2013, Brussels, BE.

            ·    Laura Visu-Petra, Cristina Fizeșan & Ovidiu Jurje 

                Paper published in Procedia: "Deceptive behavior in young children confronted with physical evidence of their transgressions: Links with executive functioning and internalizing or externalizing symptoms"

Social Relations - Social Psychology Conference, 2013, Tampere, FI.

              ·   Visu-Petra, L., & Buta, M.  (2013). Children's reporting adult transgressions and their attitudes toward tattling.