2014 Attended Events


STAR Conference, 2014, Cluj-Napoca, RO.

        ·    Monica Buta, Oana Ciornei, Cristina Fizeșan, Ovidiu Jurje & Laura Visu-Petra
             Poster: "Anxiety in primary school-age children: Relation with executive functions and emotion understanding"

EAPL Conference, 2014, Sankt Petersburg, RU.

         ·    Oana Ciornei, Cristina Fizeșan, Monica Buta, Ovidiu Jurje & Laura Visu-Petra
              Poster: "Assessing the concealed information efffect in primary school-aged children: Relations with cognitive development"

ICCAP Conference, 2014, London, UK.

          ·    Monica Buta, Ovidiu Jurje, Cristina Fizeșan, Oana Ciornei & Laura Visu-Petra
              Poster: "Internalizing problems: Relation with executive functions and emotion regulation in primary school-age children" 

The Anual Scientific Session – Romanian Academy, 2014, Cluj-Napoca, RO

           ·    Oana Ciornei, Cristina Fizesan, Ioan Bus & George Visu-Petra
                 Presentation: "Children in the judicial context: Suggestibility and imagination"